80*10*10 Chicken Meat Feast 500g

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80*10*10 Chicken Meat Feast 500g


£2.20 1kg

Chicken Meat Feast

Juicy, lean, and packed full of protein, our Chicken Meat Feast recipe is a mouth-watering mealtime favourite. Formulated using the 80-10-10 prey model for nutritionally balanced raw feeding, it combines 80% chicken muscle meat, 10% ground chicken bone, and 10% healthy organ meat.

80% British Chicken

10% British Chicken Bone

5% British Ox Liver

5% British Ox Kidney

Ethically sourced human grade ingredients: Free range chicken, free range chicken bone, Ox Liver, Ox Kidney

Product Analysis: kcal/100g 184, Dry Matter 35, Protein 17.6, Fat 14.5, Ash In Process, Fibre 0.2, Calcium In Process, Phosphorous In Process

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