For many years we have been advocates of raw feeding. We have seen the beauty and benefits first hand and what it has done for our beloved dogs. We wanted to know what was in our dog's food and we were not happy with the commercial diets being offered. We wanted our family pets to really thrive and the key to this was the best natural ingredients that we could find.

Very soon people started to comment on how shiny our dog's coats were, and how healthy they looked , no doggy smell and the best part was the small poops. While others would walk along, swinging a rather large bag of poop, that could to all intense and purposes, could probably be used as a weapon in self defence, we would have the tiniest, lightest poop of all!

I think our dogs only visited the vets a handful of times, which was always a bonus to them and us.




Our dog's never suffered with the skin and digestive problems that seem to be associated with a dry food diet. Soon family and friends started to ask us to make food for their dogs and so they say the rest is history.

We have what we believe to be a complete and nutritionally balanced natural raw dog food. Our ingredients have been chosen to maximise nutrition and for all of the health benefits they provide. We are really proud of what we have achieved.

We do not invest in advertising or expensive packaging, always preferring to keep investing in the ingredients.

When you Embark On Raw, you embark on a journey that you will never look back on, and  as feeding raw has become our passion, we would love to help in any way we can.

Dave and Andrea